09072013 – VK3/VE-005 and VK3/VE-006

VK3/VE-005 Mt Loch and VK3/VE-006 Mt Hotham Tuesday 09072013

Dipole Yes. APRS Yes. KRMNPA Mt Loch is in Alpine NP

Seasonal Bonus Yes ! 10+3

Joined by VK3IL David for this trip. David was staying at Hotham with his family for the week and responded to my email to the SOTA group looking for snow assistance. We exchanged emails running up to the day basically confirming times and weather status. The snow is new to Allen so happy to have local knowledge. 

Drove up the Hume and turned into Alpine road at Wangaratta. Hired chains and snow shoes from Rays ski hire at Myrtleford. There were ice warnings active and you have to carry and fit chains to access Mt Hotham. Parked at Mt Loch car park after a slow trip up. Ready to go about an hour behind schedule but no issues.

Clear skies. No wind. It was still cold but was shaping up to be a great day.

VE-006 Mt Hotham

View 005


David VK3IL operating from Mt Hotham

Straight forward access. Walked up from Mt Loch car park and selected a pole at the top of the summit. David had snow pegs as unable to use rocks or tie to trees as my usual setup.

Worked VK3BYD,VK3FMDV/p,VK3FABY/p,VK3FPSR and VK3AMB. S2S with VK3FMDV/p (David) and VK3FABY/p (Peter) on VK3/VE-011 (Mt Stirling)

THis was a middle of week activation so didn’t have the pile ups common on weekends but still qualified the summit with ease. Finished up and went across to Mt Loch.

VK3/VE-005 Mt Loch


Walked back through Mt Loch car park so took jumper and beanie off and retrieved bush hat from car due to the sun. Still carried backup clothes just didn’t need whilst moving. Measured 9C on Mt Lock whilst in direct sunlight. Walked up to summit following the defined poles. Whilst the views from Mt Hotham were excellent, the views from Mt Loch were spectacular,

View 002

There has got to be summits here. Mt Bogong in the middle distance ?

View 003

VK3/VE-019 The Hump and VK3/VE-014 The Horn. Had visibility < 100m two days earlier.

View 004

VK3/VE-002 Mt Feathertop, anyway back to SOTA,


David setup his station on Mt Loch. This consisted of a KN-Q7A SSB (http://crkits.com/) 40m radio and SOTA beam linked dipole. We could hear stations but unable to make contact. Suspect the power output was configured for mw’s. Whilst QRP rules still need some output. Connected FT817 to antenna and qualified the summit.


VK3HRA (Allen) sitting in the only shade we could find on a perfect day in snow.

View 001

View from the summit of Mt Loch. 


VK3BYD (Warren) came up on 40 and 2M and VK1MA (Matt) offered to activate Mt Dandenong for S2S but we decide that despite the weather and conditions to keep to plan and get off the summit ahead of issues.

another perfect day in paradise.

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      Hi Allen,
      Glad you and David had a great day out and thanks for the chaser points..
      I don’t think you are looking at The Twins and Mt Bogong in the same photo, From Mt Loch they are in opposite directions, my guess is you have the Jaithmathangs in the foreground.

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