25082013 – VK3/VE-230 and VK3/VU-002

25082013 – VK3/VE-203 – (Mt Glenrowan) in Warby-Ovens Ranges NP

25082013 – VK3/VU-002 – (Mt Wombat)


Dipole Yes. APRS Yes.


Mt Glenrowan  is off the highway through Glenrowan.  This summit is in the Warby-Ovens National Park so qualifies for KRMNPA award.

Access to the park is from the back from Taminick – Wangratta Track. Gate is locked but easy access with a defined point to climb over the fence. It is a good walk. Clean open track. You could do on compromised conditions. 5Km each way. No navigation required. Follow the track staying on Ridge track until you reach the summit. There is a sign. Nice open area to setup away from the power lines. The are had been burnt through recently but no issues.

Actual 25082013

Made it up on Mt Glenrown in time for the UTC switch over so a total of 41 contacts. S2S contacts with VK3PF, VK1RX, VK1NAM and VK3YY.  Packed up and moved on to next summit down the highway on the way home.

Mt Wombat

Mt Wombat is just off the highway. Turn off into Euroa and then left into Strathbogie Rd (left at the pub before the creek if you miss Strathbogie Rd) and follow the road for 15 minutes to turn right following the sign to Mt Wombat. Turn right again following the sign to lookout. Road is 2WD with a sealed section for the final 200m. Have to consider the access as can drive to the summit. THis hosts several antennas including aircraft beacons. Went for a walk at the top to ensure valid activation. Not a big issue as lots to look at. Setup away from the  towers. No interference from the site. The weather was grim all day. Grey but it didn’t rain on me. 17 contacts for Mt Wombat including S2S with VK3PF, VK1RX, VK1NAM, VK1DI and VK3CAT. 

Missed VK3ATB and VK3KAB who were on new summits as packed up once VK3CAT was up to get back on road.  

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      Hi Allen, after reading this post, I think I will try and fit Mt Wombat and Mt Strathbogie in on the 28th of September.
      Andrew, VK1NAM

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        It would be hard to drive past if your coming down the highway. It has been years since i’ve been to Mt Strathbogie but access was good.

        It would be a couple of hours well spent .


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