Activated VK3/VT-006 (Mt Saint Phillack)1st February 2013. APRS Limited. Dipole Yes. Seasonal activation Yes This is a candidate for activation during winter. 8K return walking on good tracks. Just stay on walking tracks and don’t go missing tracks. 5hrs via M1 to Mt Baw Baw from home. The time is in the curves towards the end. Consider ‘South face’ road from Moe […]

VK3/VN-004 and VK3/VN-002

Activated VK3/VN-004 and VK3/VN-002 Wed 30 Jan 2013. APRS No. Dipole Yes. Seasonal activation Yes This is a candidate for activation during winter. 8K walking on cleared tracks.   Left 4:30 arrived Snobs Creek 8:30. 4 hrs. Wallabys everywhere so you have to take it slow.  Parked car in clearing at end of Snobs Creek Rd. Made VK3/VN-004 just after 11:00 so 2:30hrs to summit. APRS was […]

VK3/VC-032 and VK3/VC-019

Activated VK3/VC-032 & VK3/VC-019 Sun Jan 2012. VK3/VC-032 This is a new summit for 2013. Close to home a 4 pointer. In Wombat state forest so took Darcie. No KRMNPA here. Take Ballan-daylesford Rd. Right at Mineral Springs hotel into Spargo Blakeville Rd. Gravel but good.  The signs did’nt match my maps but Camp road was there ~3k down. Biggest intersection […]

December 2012

09/Dec/2012 VK3/VC-015 (Mt Cobaw)27/Dec/2012 VK3/VN-003 (Federation Range)27/Dec/2012 VK3/VC-002 (Mt Donna Buang)30/Dec/2012 VK3/VN-005 (Pyramid Hill)

November 2012

05/Nov/2012 VK3/VW-002 (Red Man Bluff)05/Nov/2012 VK3/VS-036 (One Tree Hill)18/Nov/2012 VK3/VS-021 (Point 733/Sierra Range)18/Nov/2012 VK3/VS-026 (Point 672/Sierra Range)25/Nov/2012 VK3/VC-018 (Mt Buninyong)

October 2012

06/Oct/2012 VK3/VS-013 (Mount Lonarch)12/Oct/2012 VK3/VE-001 (Mt Bogong)28/Oct/2012 VK3/VS-028 (Ben Major)

August 2012

05/Aug/2012 VK3/VN-001 (Mt Torbreck)19/Aug/2012 VK3/VS-024 (Mt Misery)

July 2012

01/Jul/2012 VK3/VN-023 (Mt Tarrengower)07/Jul/2012 VK3/VS-047 (Mt Elephant)09/Jul/2012 VK3/VS-002 (Major Mitchell Plateau)11/Jul/2012 VK3/VW-003 (Mt Rosea)13/Jul/2012 VK3/VW-009 (Near Sundial Peak)21/Jul/2012 VK3/VC-021 (Mt Kooroocheang/Smeaton Hill)29/Jul/2012 VK3/VS-016 (Mt Gorrin)

June 2012

03/Jun/2012 VK3/VS-004 (Mt Langi Ghiran)03/Jun/2012 VK3/VS-009 (Ben Nevis)11/Jun/2012 VK3/VW-007 (Near Boroka Lookout)11/Jun/2012 VK3/VS-014 (Signal Peak)23/Jun/2012 VK3/VC-024 (Mt Beckworth)30/Jun/2012 VK3/VN-016 (Mt Alexander)