Home Weather v3

The ‘Dashboard’ has received rework to improve existing and display additional information. Yes there are several home weather dashboards out there but by the time you install, register and integrate into existing systems it was more fun to build own. The interface may be blocky but I understand what is going on behind the scenes. This gives me a view […]

11072021 – HEMA VK3/HVC-038 & SOTA VK3/VC-032

HEMA VK3/HVC-038 Mt Blackwood. New hill that didn’t qualify for SOTA but recently listed in HEMA. This hill is visible from the highway and train heading to Melbourne. Has easy access as hosts telecommunications towers. The site is open and provides many sites to setup from. Setup the 80m end fed and qualified. Took in the views before heading off […]

APRS and rabbit warrens

Have had APRS in Subie and with the HT for a while. VHF has limited use out in the bush due to lack of coverage but HF (30m) has potential. Anyway that aside I was intrigued by references to “Ham Radio of Things (HRoT)”. The value is having a view as to local activity, not just positions of cars but […]

25042021 – SOTA VK3/VC-039 & VK3/VC-007

Quick trip to pick a couple of local summits. Mt Gisborne is a short walk parking off Mt Gisborne Rd. The site is open and allows large HF antenna to be setup. You can qualify with 2mHT as Melbourne is easily worked. Once qualified head through Gisborne to pickup Mt Macedon. Not a lot to say as to this summit. […]

KRMNPA Weekend 10/11th April 2021

The annual KRMNPA activation weekend is designed to encourage portable activities in Victoria’s 45 National Parks. 2020 KRMNPA weekend (7&8 Nov) was cancelled due to presence of COVID. Between Park closures and COVID restrictions the majority of activators were not able to get out in November, so it was rescheduled to April 2021. Postponing turned out to be the right […]

VKFF 2020 Results

Well there’s a COVID win. WFH for 2020 due to COVID so was able to more often. Also saving commute cost so was able to buy a new Kenwood TS590. The winner of the 2020 Top VKFF Hunter award was Peter VK3PF who worked (hunted) 385 different VKFF references. In 2nd position was Gerard VK2IO with 373, third Allen VK3ARH […]

20032021 – VT-046 & 3NP-039

Spent the weekend In Tarra Bulga NP as a apart of WICEN who were supporting the Duncans Run 2021 event. This was the first event WICEN VIC has run since COVID. Keen to get involved and see what and how they operated. I was positioned on a check point on the edge of the Tarra Bulga National Park. We were […]

5th Annual Hotham SOTA Summit Weekend.

This is normally an annual event, with 2020 being postponed due to The 2019–20 Australian bushfire season now known as “Black Summer” before being cancelled due to COVID restrictions. So rescheduled for for February 2021 we started to lay plans then COVID again struck in late December 2020 resulting with Victoria closing its border with NSW. The proposed February date […]

more Raspberry Pi’s

The Raspberry Pis are slowly but steadily increasing in numbers. First thing to go astray was the version of OS install. Whilst the config will depend on the devices role all are running the same base install. The Raspbian image for all models of Raspberry Pi is now based on Buster, the latest version of Debian Linux. Debian 10.6 was […]

10012021 – VK3/VN-016 & VK3/VN-023

Couple of local summits. Activating in the good weather. This was the second attempt at these summits as the harmonic balanced separated from the crankshaft  the week before whilst driving up. No damage as pulled over in Castlemaine and Russell (my brother in-law) was able to retrieve a replacement unit from spare Subie and come up so was able to […]