Proposed Nov 2014

14th – 17th November – KRMNPA weekend 15th November is proposed SOTA Mass activation day. Intend to camp in the Alpine National Intend on the weekend of 15th November 2014 with Rod VK2TWR. The Cobberas area is in the East Alps Unit of the Alpine National Park, which is in the remote north-east of Victoria adjacent to the Snowy River National […]

20072014 – VK3/VC-003 & VK3/VN-027

VK3/VC-003 – Mt Ritchie KRMNPA in Yarra Ranges WWFF ID – VKFF-556 VK3/VN-027 – Mt Gordon Great day out SOTAing. Two summits, 2 S2S, 2 NP, 3 CW and 2 2M contacts. Was concerned as the weather reports during the previous week were for for more of the same harsh condition experience previously but it ended up with 5% chance […]

08062014 – VK3/VE-022, VK3/VE-043 and VK3/VT-001

VK3/VE-022 (Mt Speculation) VK3/VE-043 (Mt Despair) VK3/VT-001 (Mt Howitt) KRMNPA in Alpine WWFF ID – VKFF-619 Three summits in the Alpine NP before the road closes. For this activation I planned to camp at MacAlister Springs then make my way along the Crosscut Saw to Mt Speculation then across to Mt Despair returning to Mt Howitt in the evening. Mt Despair […]

25052014 – VK3/VN-028, VK3/VN-015 and VK3/VC-014

VK3/VN-028 (Mt Piper) VK3/VN-015 (Mt Hickey) VK3/VC-014 (Mt Disappointment) – VKFF-264 and KRMNPA APRS – Limited. After being away for three weeks I went out to pick up a couple of summits as this would be the first month since SOTA launched that I have not been out. Two I have done before and one that I had missed.  VK3/VN-028 (Mt […]

Alpine NP – Mt Howitt 112013

01-03112013 – KRMNPA Alpine NP 01112013 – SOTA VT-004 Pryces Plain 02112013 – SOTA VE-016 King Billy No1 and VE-012 Mt Marjorie 03112013 – SOTA VT-001 Mt Howitt APRS Limited G3 Limited Had taken from the 1st to the 4th of November off.  Enough time for a multiple overnight trip exploiting the Alps Walking track before summer weather. So left home on the […]

29092013 – SOTA and KRMNPA Activations

29092013 SOTA VK3/VT-026 (Mt Toorongo Range) SOTA VK3/VC-025 (Mt Dandenong) KRMNPA Churchill NP  KRMNPA Dandenong Ranges NP SOTA VK3/VT-026 (Mt Toorongo Range)   Have not been out this month due to family commitments but had planned to activate Mt Toorongo Range as it appeared to have 2WD access and qualifies for the 3point bonus during winter. The key is Mt Baw […]

Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award

The aim of this award is to encourage portable operation in Victoria’s 45 National Parks. A contact with/from a National Park earns 1 point. Contacts via Repeaters, IRLP or Echolink are not permitted. Details of the award can be found on the ARV web site. Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award special activation weekend – Event date:  15/16th November 2014 Signs     

Lower Goulburn NP

08092013 – Lower Goulburn NP Activate park for KRMNPA and chase some SOTA summits.

06092013 – VK3/VU-009

06092013 VK3/VU-009 (Mt Ida) in Heathcote/Graytown NP                                     Trip up to NSW for a wedding. Was able to pick up a SOTA and KRMNPA activation. Only a one point but still worth the effort.  Dirt but good road access.  Park at the top of […]