August 2012

05/Aug/2012 VK3/VN-001 (Mt Torbreck)19/Aug/2012 VK3/VS-024 (Mt Misery)

July 2012

01/Jul/2012 VK3/VN-023 (Mt Tarrengower)07/Jul/2012 VK3/VS-047 (Mt Elephant)09/Jul/2012 VK3/VS-002 (Major Mitchell Plateau)11/Jul/2012 VK3/VW-003 (Mt Rosea)13/Jul/2012 VK3/VW-009 (Near Sundial Peak)21/Jul/2012 VK3/VC-021 (Mt Kooroocheang/Smeaton Hill)29/Jul/2012 VK3/VS-016 (Mt Gorrin)

June 2012

03/Jun/2012 VK3/VS-004 (Mt Langi Ghiran)03/Jun/2012 VK3/VS-009 (Ben Nevis)11/Jun/2012 VK3/VW-007 (Near Boroka Lookout)11/Jun/2012 VK3/VS-014 (Signal Peak)23/Jun/2012 VK3/VC-024 (Mt Beckworth)30/Jun/2012 VK3/VN-016 (Mt Alexander)

May 2012

06/May/2012 VK3/VS-001 (Mt William) Activated Mt William then attempted to activate VK3/VS-002 (Major Mitchell Plateau) but the weather was against me so turned back. 20/May/2012 VK3/VS-003 (Mt Buangor) 20/May/2012 VK3/VS-008 (Mt Cole)

April 2012

Start of Grampians activations.   5/Apr/2012 VK3/VS-011 (Mt Abrupt) 15/Apr/2012 VK3/VS-035 (Mt Sturgeon)   19/Apr/2012 VK3/VC-007 (Mt Macedon) Was travelling on the Calder so decided to take the FT60 up Mt Macedon for a quick activation. Unable to make the required 4 contacts. 27/Apr/2012 VK3/VC-007 (Mt Macedon) Came back prepared and successfully activated Mt Macedon

March 2012

SOTA went live Feb 2012. VK3WAM prepared and submitted the ARM and Summit list. VK3ZPF notified KRMNPA group 08 Feb 2012 Joined SOTA group 17/02/12.  Didn’t have a working battery for the FT817 so ordered  a 2400mAh unit from W4RT.   VK3WAM was off straight from the word go, VK3WAM 11/Feb/2012 VK3/VT-066 (Mt Worth)K0MOS 16/Feb/2012 VK3/VS-049 (Crowsnest Lookout)VK3ZPF 26/Feb/2012 VK3/VC-025 (Mt […]


VK3HRA/p It is more likely you will hear me portable up a mountain for a Summits On The Air (SOTA) activation or in one of Victoria’s 45 National Parks working on the Keith Roget Memorial Award Check out current APRS map to see where I am. APRS-VK3HRA See you on the air Allen VK3HRA