23072016 – VK3/VT-031 & VK3/VT-032

VK3/VT-031 Mt Margaret VK3/VT-032 UnNamed Peak Both in VKFF-0619 Alpine National Park These summits had only been activated by Wayne VK3WAM over 2.5 years ago. Two 6 pointers summits on 4WD track Mt Margaret Track whoch runs parrallel to Mt Tamboritha Rd just out of Licola. There was a low event coming across the state with snow down to 1000m The […]

2205201 – VK3/VT-040, VK3/VC-028 & VK3/VC-037

VK3/VT-040 – Spion Kopje VK3/VC-028 – Dingo Ridge – WWFF Bunyip State Park(VKFF-0753) VK3/VC-037 – VK3/VC-037– WWFF Bunyip State Park(VKFF-0753) I’ve all but ran out of summits so continuing my activations of summits in and around the Bunyip State Park. This is adding to the “SOTA Complete” component. Currently having 149 summits I have activated and chased. Levering the bogs of those who […]

24032016 – VK3/VT-003 & VK3/VT-005

24032016 – VK3/VT-003 (Picture Point Range) 24032016 – VK3/VT-005 (Trapyard Hill) Both in (VKFF-619) KRMNPA in Alpine National Park. 24/Mar/2016 VK3/VT-003 (Picture Point Range) Left the car at McFarlane Saddle Carpark (55 H 486719 5852459) on the Moroka Road, 60 km from Licola up the Tamboritha Rd. 2WD all the way. You turn into Moroka Rd instead of heading to up Mt Howitt Road. This […]

06032016 – VK3/VW-013 & VK3/VW-014

VK3/VW-013 West of England Range in VKFF-0629 Kara Kara National Park. VK3/VW-014 Black Range Two summits, One I had missed and another that had never been activated. VK3/VW-013 West of England Range. This is a summit that I have not previously activated. Have been in the area as have picked up the other summits in this park so back today. Forget Hines Rd. It is […]

20022016 – Hotham Weekend

Hotham Weekend 2016 19022016 – VK3/VE-081 Ebenezer Range 20022016 – VK3/VE-028 Mt TableTop, VK3/VE-017 The Twins, VK3/VE-023, VK3/VE-006 Mt Hotham 21022016 – VK3/VE-015 Blue Rag Range, VK3/VE-021 Mt Blue Rag, VK3/VE-024, VK3/VE-098 Mt Porepunkah All of the summits except Mt Porepunkah were in VKFF-0619 The Alpine National Park.  Brian (VK3MCD) and Kathy organised accommodation and meals at Peninsula Ski Lodge. The attraction of Hotham is the proximity of high point summits […]

26012016 – WWFF Bay of Islands Coastal Park (VKFF-0743)

WWFF Bay of Islands Coastal Park(VKFF-0743). Popular site. The park runs for 32 kilometres along the Great Ocean Road between Peterborough and Warrnambool. We were staying at Peterborough with family. They are locals so received pointers as to access from Mick my Nephew-in-law (?). Down Mathiesons Road to the cliffs.  Wanted to get away from the crowds but even this site […]

2015 Inaugural VKFF Activation Weekend Certificate

Received  certificate from Paul VK5PAS for participating in the VKFF Activation Weekend;  Details on my activation of  Hepburn Regional Park and Creswick Regional Park over this weekend. Well done to Paul VK5PAS. He does a remarkable job organising and participation in these activities. We would not have WWFF or SANPCPA if not for Paul’s efforts Allen VK3ARH

28112016 – VKFF-0968 & VKFF-0964 2015 VKFF parks activation weekend – 28/11/2015

(VKFF- 0968) – Hepburn Regional Park (VKFF-0964) – Creswick Regional Park Saturday the 28/11/2015 I took part in the inaugural VKFF activation weekend. Paul VK5PAS has put a lot time and effort has been put into making the Australian WWFF program as big as it is. Its terrific to see the amount of radio amateurs participating by heading out to set up […]

WIA Presidents Commendation

I’ve received a WIA President’s Commendation for my “parksnpeaks” website, an online portal, providing a major contribution to VK amateurs engaging in working from National and State parks, Summits on the Air, the World Wide Flora & Fauna program, and QRP activities. Also Paul Simmonds VK5PAS received a President’s Commendation for outstanding achievement in the WorldWide Flora & Fauna amateur […]

08032015 – Proposed Long Weekend Activations

VK Autumn SOTA Party on the weekend Saturday/Sunday 7 and 8 March 2015. This is a Long weekend for VK3 so planning to take advantage of milder weather to hike into the bush and activate remote SOTA summits  in Viking Wilderness Area. VK3BYD Warren and VK3HRA Allen 06032015 00:00 – VK3/VE-103 (VK3/VE-103)06032015 07:00 – Mt Speculation (VK3/VE-022)06032015 23:00 – Mt […]