08062014 – VK3/VE-022, VK3/VE-043 and VK3/VT-001

VK3/VE-022 (Mt Speculation) VK3/VE-043 (Mt Despair) VK3/VT-001 (Mt Howitt) KRMNPA in Alpine WWFF ID – VKFF-619 Three summits in the Alpine NP before the road closes. For this activation I planned to camp at MacAlister Springs then make my way along the Crosscut Saw to Mt Speculation then across to Mt Despair returning to Mt Howitt in the evening. Mt Despair […]

25052014 – VK3/VN-028, VK3/VN-015 and VK3/VC-014

VK3/VN-028 (Mt Piper) VK3/VN-015 (Mt Hickey) VK3/VC-014 (Mt Disappointment) – VKFF-264 and KRMNPA APRS – Limited. After being away for three weeks I went out to pick up a couple of summits as this would be the first month since SOTA launched that I have not been out. Two I have done before and one that I had missed.  VK3/VN-028 (Mt […]

Nepal (9N) WFF Parks

Nepal (9N) – Nepal’s National Parks List of current Parks 9N-001=Khaptad (9NFF-001)9N-002=Langtang (9NFF-002)9N-003=Makalu-Barun (9NFF-003)9N-004=Rara (9NFF-004)9N-005=Royal Bardia (9NFF-005)9N-006=Royal Chitwan (9NFF-006)9N-007=Sagarmatha (9NFF-007)9N-008=Shey-Phoksundo (9NFF-008)9N-009=Shivapuri (9NFF-009)  

License to operate in Nepal – 9N7AH

License to operate in Nepal. I was able to obtained a temporary licence to operate a portable amateur radio in Nepal.  This is the best government document i have ever received. It is on course ‘handmade’ paper, with whiteout correcting errors and features reals stamps and signatures. Makes the documents issued on standard 80 gsm white paper with standard images […]

9NFF-007 – Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National Park WFFID – 9NFF-007 Sagarmatha National Park is a protected area in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal that is dominated by Mount Everest. It encompasses an area of 1,148 km2 (443 sq mi) in the Solukhumbu District and ranges in elevation from 2,845 m (9,334 ft) to 8,848 m (29,029 ft) at the summit of Mount Everest. In […]