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11112017 – 2017 KRNMPA Weekend

Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award activation Weekend 2017

11112017 – VK3/VE-093 Black Mountain in (VKFF-0069) Burrowa-Pine Mountain National park
11112017 – Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park (VKFF-0620)
12112017 – Brisbane Ranges National Park (VKFF-0055)

The annual KRMNPA activation weekend is designed to encourage portable activities in Victoria’s 45 National Parks. Tony VK3VX maintains this award and this year had 37 parks activationed out of 45 potential sites. 

I have 14 (now 12) outstanding parks to address. Decided to group these two together. Given the distance its a overnight trip. I pack the car and catch the train on the edge of Melbourne then go to work. 

Drove up the highway, refuelled in Wodonga and proceeded to drive out to Burrowa-Pine Mountain National park  to camp in Hinces Creek camp ground.,


Setup on dark and called it a night. Up early the next day, had breakfast and coffee and proceeded to travel back to the road and around to access Jephcott and Jewell Rd.

11112017 – VK3/VE-093 Black Mountain in (VKFF-0069) Burrowa-Pine Mountain National park.

VKFF 0069

There are several summits in this park for SOTA. The intention was to activate the park for KRMNPA so SOTA summit was a bonus. Chose Black Mountain as previous activators described a open summit with good access. 

Access was good, turn into Jephcott and Jewell Rd and follow Black Mountain Track. The track turns into Black Mountain Walking track and is signed as 4WD only. No issues with continuing in Subie as the track is still open and good. Parked short of the summit at a defined parking area. The track continued over the summit but was getting rough and for the extra 400m not worth passing a good parking spot.

VK3VE 093

Only need a single contact to qualify for KRMNPA , 4 for SOTA and 10 to claim VKFF. 

It was slow because early but I had time to wait for the other activators to wake up.

Qualified the Summit on CW then proceeded to chase parks contacts.

  • Peter VK3ZPF in Lake Eildon National Park (VKFF-0625) on 10,12,20 and 40M
  • Simon VK3/G7WKX in Alpine National Park (VKFF-0619)
  • Mal VK3OAK in Lower Glenelg National Park (VKFF-0296)
  • Sam Vk2GPL in Royal National Park (VKFF-0435)
  • Tony VK3XV in Kara Kara (St Arnaud Range) National Park (VKFF-0629)
  • Mick VK3PMG in Budj Bim (formerly Mount Eccles) National Park (VKFF-0345)
  • Chris VK3FHCI in Budj Bim (formerly Mount Eccles) National Park (VKFF-0345)

Highlight was the S2S and P2P with Simon VK3/G7WKX who was up on Mt Mt Bogong with a 2M handheld. Initial contact was marginal so ran a 2M ribbon antenna up the squid pole and secured the contact.

11112017 – Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park (VKFF-0620)

Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park is a short deviation from the freeway on the way home. I had driven past this site several times in the past on the way back from family events in Albury. 

Setup in Honeysuckle Picnic ground. Turn left off the highway and follow the signs to the park. Open clear area that I had to myself so setup dipole and proceeded to call for contacts. 

VKFF 0620

Picked up P2P with;

  • Gerard VK2IO in Prospect Nature Reserve (VKFF-1986)
  • Peter VK3ZPF in Yarra Ranges National Park (VKFF-0556)
  • Peter VK3PF in Tarra-Bulga National Park (VKFF-0480)
  • Paul VK5PAS and Marija VK5FMAZ in  Croajingolong National Park (VKFF-0119)
  • Mal VK3OAK in Mount Richmond National Park (VKFF-0361)

Warren VK3BYD came in for a visit. Had a nice chat about radios, antenna and failing code whilst out in the park, where such conversations should take place.

Contacts then slowed as it appears the other activators were travelling between parks. Still had 4hrs drive ahead of me so packed up and headed home.

12112017 – Brisbane Ranges National Park (VKFF-0055)

There was no-one planning to activate the Brisbane Ranges National Park over the weekend so given its proximity to home I decided to take a couple of hours on Sunday and activate.  

Came in along Meredith-Steiglitz Road. There were controlled burns in progress so the intended access roads were closed. Ended up  driving into Steigilitz to turn into the park. Once in the park it was a case of finding a suitably open area as intended to deploy the dipole as HF was continuing the marginal conditions we are  was not on the getting use to. Setup clear of the roads as a steady stream of Parks vehicles went through dare say involved with the burns.

VKFF 0055

Not clouds but smoke from fuel reduction fires. Reminder summer and fire season in coming. 

Was not pushing hard for contacts, more a case of available if anyone looking for the site. P2P with Niel VK4HNS in Knapp Creek Conservation Park (VKFF-1574)

Thanks to Tony VK3XV for organising another excellent KRMNPA weekend.

Proposed – 121112016 KRMNPA Weekend

 Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award activation Weekend 2016 – 11th to 14th November.

The annual KRMNPA activation weekend is designed to encourage portable activities in Victoria’s 45 National Parks.

Track my progress over weekend on APRS – VK3ARH-1

KRMNPA 112016


This weekend will see at least 41 Parks (as of November 5th) of Victoria’s National parks available for contacts.

Each park qualifies for VKFF and WWFF.



I intend to activate four in the states east;


All in EG3 – East Gippsland Shire Council.

The goal is to activate the parks so any SOTA Summits will come down to conditions;

  • Lind NP: No summits
  • Alfred NP: Granite Peak VK3/VG-137
  • Croajingalong NP: VK3/VG-151 Mt Everard
Summit ID Association Region Name Height Lat Long Points Bonus Count Last
VK3/VG-141 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Genoa Peak 488 149.6267 -37.5299 1 0 1 VK1AT
VK3/VG-146 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Mt Carlyle 433 149.8802 -37.4735 1 0 0
VK3/VG-147 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Howe Hill 391 149.8883 -37.5076 1 0 0
VK3/VG-151 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Mt Everard 348 149.2873 -37.7163 1 0 1 VK3PF/P
  • Coopracambra NP: 11 SOTA Summits in the park. No target yet. Will depend of time over weekend and a lot more time on Forest Explorer
Summit ID Association Region Name Height Lat Long Points Bonus Count Last
VK3/VG-065 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Mt Coopracambra 1003 149.2943 -37.2791 6 0 0
VK3/VG-069 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Mt Kaye 984 149.2458 -37.3954 6 0 0
VK3/VG-078 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Mt Denmarsh 917 149.2650 -37.3563 6 0 0
VK3/VG-093 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Pint Pot 823 149.2613 -37.3077 4 0 0
VK3/VG-094 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Mt Wakefield 817 149.4191 -37.3027 4 0 0
VK3/VG-097 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Bill Mile Hill 805 149.2283 -37.3750 4 0 0
VK3/VG-100 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Cooaggalah Hill 779 149.3076 -37.4203 4 0 0
VK3/VG-101 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland VK3/VG-101 748 149.3541 -37.3536 4 0 0
VK3/VG-105 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland Mt Merragunegin 718 149.4543 -37.3092 4 0 0
VK3/VG-111 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland VK3/VG-111 686 149.2518 -37.4439 2 0 0
VK3/VG-112 Australia – Victoria Victoria – East Gippsland VK3/VG-112 682 149.3127 -37.3292 2 0 0

21 Parks within 100Km

Ref Name Latitude Longitude Distance Bearing
VKFF-0287 Lind -37.5798 148.9614 16.69km W
VKFF-0618 Alfred -37.5721 149.3627 18.76km E
VKFF-0119 Croajingolong -37.7137 149.3517 24.14km SE
VKFF-0953 Point Hicks -37.8128 149.2538 28.86km SSE
VKFF-0113 Coopracambra -37.3105 149.3396 33.03km NNE
VKFF-0744 Cape Conran -37.7666 148.8666 33.42km SW
VKFF-0158 Errinundra -37.3753 148.7789 39.05km WNW
VKFF-0398 Nungatta -37.2167 149.3663 43.34km NNE
VKFF-0975 Mount Raymond -37.7076 148.5922 51.56km WSW
VKFF-0194 Genoa -37.0839 149.3667 56.99km NNE
VKFF-0376 Nalbaugh -37.0516 149.3442 59.78km NNE
VKFF-0350 Mount Imlay -37.1615 149.7310 68.30km NE
VKFF-0455 Snowy River -37.2710 148.4527 69.80km WNW
VKFF-0112 Coolangubra -36.9544 149.3449 70.22km NNE
VKFF-0946 Cape Howe -37.5470 149.9728 72.56km E
VKFF-0458 South East Forest -36.9190 149.5332 79.60km NNE
VKFF-0026 Ben Boyd -37.1358 149.9669 86.65km NE
VKFF-0560 Yowaka River -36.9892 149.8617 89.93km NE
VKFF-0476 Tantawangelo -36.7832 149.4999 92.46km NNE
VKFF-1403 Yurammie -36.8493 149.8038 98.56km NE
VKFF-0761 Lake Tyers -37.8281 148.0639 99.88km WSW


  • Maps
  • Radio
    • KX3
    • FT817
  • Antenna
    • 20/40m dipole
    • 20m vertical
  • APRS 2m/70cm in the car
  • 20Ah battery

KRMNPA Parks not activated,



26012015 – KRMNPA


(VKFF-361) Mount Richmond National Park

(VKFF-296) Lower Glenelg National Park

Cobboboonee National Park.

Three parks in the states south west. We spent At the Australia day weekend at Peterbrough. 

Decided to pick up the parks on the Monday so could use AX callsign.

Headed for Portland and did a loop to head home via Hamilton. 


Took kayak so no 2M in the car.


Lower Glenelg is down the highway. Well signed so can’t miss. There is a point on Ink Pot Road where Lower Glenelg National Park and Cobboboonee National Park meet. I took Kentbruck Road through Lower Glenelg to gain access to Inkpot Road. Cobboboonee National Park does not WWFF ID. Also you need to ensure you are in the Cobboboonee National Park as the bulk of the area appears to be Cobboboonee State Forest. 


I didn’t get enough contacts to qualify for WWFF but did qualify all for KRMNPA. It takes a while to get the 43 contacts required for WWFF and it was late in the day anyway.  

Log 26 12015

KRMNPA – 2015

The aim of this award is to encourage portable operation in Victoria’s 45 National Parks. A contact with/from a National Park earns 1 point. Contacts via Repeaters, IRLP or Echolink are not permitted. Details of the award can be found on the ARV web site.

Current Status


Qualified KRMNPA – Worked all parks 14th November 2014 


012015 – 24 Activated leaving 21 to activate,



  100 7152100 7154IMG 0232P3160244100 7185100 7159

 IMG 0215

AlpineCoopracambraGrampiansNP 082013






KRMNPA – 2014

Qualified KRMNPA – Worked all parks 14th November 2014 

0442 001



Proposed Nov 2014

14th – 17th November – KRMNPA weekend

15th November is proposed SOTA Mass activation day.

Intend to camp in the Alpine National Intend on the weekend of 15th November 2014 with Rod VK2TWR.


The Cobberas area is in the East Alps Unit of the Alpine National Park, which is in the remote north-east of Victoria adjacent to the Snowy River National Park. The Cobberas Range itself is just south of the NSW border.


This this the furthest I have travelled for SOTA. Will be travelling up Friday the14th picking up National parks on the way and again working through parks on the return trip Monday 17th.

KRMNPA National parks;

Snowy River NP
Mitchell River NP
Morwell NP
Tarra-Bulga NP

SOTA Summits;

Mt Cobberas Number 1
Mt Cobberas Number 2
Rams Head Range
Blue Hill


Saturday 15 November 2014 as the VK SOTA Party mass activation day.

My maps show a track to Mt Cobberas Number 1 summit. It appears this track will be marked.

Plan to be on that one before sunset on Saturday for the DX effort as will have a track to walk back down in dark on.


Camp at Native Dog Flat – Latitude: -36°53’47.4″ Longitude: 148°5’22.2”. The camp includes a toilet, water from the Buchan River and plenty of open space.




20072014 – VK3/VC-003 & VK3/VN-027

VK3/VC-003 – Mt Ritchie

  • KRMNPA in Yarra Ranges
  • WWFF ID – VKFF-556

VK3/VN-027 – Mt Gordon

Great day out SOTAing. Two summits, 2 S2S, 2 NP, 3 CW and 2 2M contacts.

Was concerned as the weather reports during the previous week were for for more of the same harsh condition experience previously but it ended up with 5% chance of 1mm rain and as Michele was working, I charged the batteries and made plans to head out Sunday. I keep a list of proposed activations so dusted off Mt Ritchie and Mt Gordon.

VK3/VC-003 – Mt Ritchie

GPS View

Previous activation of Mt Ritchie was with VK3ZPF Peter and it was cold. Mt Gordon was new for me. These two make a good pair due to being close. Didn’t think Mt Vinegar was going to happen so left it to do with Mt Dom Dom in summer. View of Mt Ritchie with fog on the way up,

MtRitchie Bottom

Foggy and patchy snow on the way. I hired a set of yowies again and put them on as the snow was now full cover. The snow was 10cm on the summit. The real issue was the water from melting. It was easier to walking in the snow as the lower regions were just slush and mud. View from top in full sunlight,

MtRitchie top

VK3IL David was on Mt Buller and we have several contacts on the way up to Mt Ritchie. I called again once in the zone to start the activation with a S2S. David was using 2M only so taking a while to qualify.VK2YK Adam spotted David which gave him the response needed. I could hear the increased activity on 2M and picked up a contact with VK3PI.

MtRitchie log

CW was the highlight. Took the MTR as had programmed CQ call into memory. Ran a could of times with no response. Not the first trip into the field but yet to make a contact. First trip she was covered with snow. Palm Paddle worked in the cold. Little bit stiff on one side so may need a review.

VK3/VN-027 – Mt Gordon

Operating position on Mt Gordon,


 Mt Gordon does not have a lot of places for an antenna as there was constant mountain bike activity so setup off to the side and out of the way. 

MtGordon log

Had another go on Mt Gordon with MTR again with no response. Not convinced I have aligned it correctly. Followed the instructions with no issues bout will be seeking assistance with a good CRO and frequency counter. 

MTR MtGordon

It was nice to have time and conditions so could have a play instead of activating then getting out of the weather.

Now lets get into Navigation. GPS tracks where Red is Proposed and Blue is actual,


There is always a slight deviation between what is on the maps and reality. You have to expect that and act accordingly. You can’t expect the GPS to give you a step by step view. 

Not getting along with my GPS’s at the moment. The device in the car sent me to Mt Gordon via Marysville. Took 30m to get there. I over-rid its authority on the way back and only took 10min. 

The handheld has been been sending tracks without way points. This started after updating FW to 3.7. Revealed itself on Talbot Peak walk. The Alpine track is clearly marked and we were able to navigate even where the snow had covered the track. Current tracks still worked so able to backtrack but the new track only start and finish points. Recreated tracks at home with the same issue. Had a google and there were several pointers to ‘update FW and Basecamp’ as a solution. Not happy with the ‘update software’ solution to problems. I keep both current but do not auto-update. Sent a email to Garmin with details and whilst receiving a acknowledgement of the email, yet to receive a response from Garmin Support. 

Updating the FW and Basecamp addressed this issue. There is a issue with the earlier Basecamp / and 3.7 FW releases.  

Currently eTrex 30 FW is at version 3.90 and BaseCamp for Mac at version 4.3.4. This is working. 

Check your tracks before going out.

Spot Device. Disappointed that it only got 5 packets out over the day.  This is a satellite based device that requires subscription. Consider it my backup device or where to start looking for the body. Worked fine in Nepal.  

Spot 20072014

The APRS also only got packets from Mt Gordon. The radio (VX-8G) was taking its time to locate satellites and I did head off instead of waiting. The cover of Mt Ritche must have prevented the car receiving the packets as I could hear it sending on the way up and whilst on the summit. The only packets that made it out were from Mt Gordon and repeated from the car.  Here you can see me driving up to Mt Gordon then out of the zone to walk in. Glad I parked off the road as it was busy with mountain bikers driving up to go down the track. 

APRS MtGordon

Overall a great day in the bush with all my toys.