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SMS Spotting through ParksnPeaks

ParksNPeaks supports receiving activity spots via SMS.

I have found that SMS messaging will work on a peak where internet access is marginal.

This feature has been added this to allow phones that can’t access overseas numbers the ability to spot.

The number to send to is 0447 568 667. You key in the spot as a text message using the format below then send as a SMS.

Any one who wished to use SMS spots will need to add the number of the phone they intend to use in the database.

You will need to register an account to use this feature.

There are no charges for using the SMS gateway except for your normal carrier costs.

The format expected is to support international use so for 0488 123 456 use +61488123456. Note the leading 0 is dropped and +61 added.

Park Activity Spotting

This example will place a spot on for a activator registered on for Belair under the SANPCPA scheme.

The activator is on 7.090 SSB and appears to be there all day. 

The format is – callsign class location frequency mode comments 

example SMS;

! SANPCPA 5NP-001 7.090 SSB Here all day in the shade

Callsign: ‘!’ will used the call sign associated with user in You can override this to spot someone else but expect this facility to be primary used for activators spotting themselves.

class: ‘SANPCPA’ For parks use  WWFF ,KRMNPA or SANPCPA.

For Class and Location ID’s consult the data tables on –


Location: ‘5NP-001’ This is the summit reference or park id. Each park has a unique ID .

This ID can be found on Jump to the scheme of interest. The Location ID is under ‘ID’ header.


ID    Type    Name    Region        District
5NP-001    NP    Belair    Adelaide    Southern Lofty

The location ID can be send with or without hyphen,

! SANPCPA 5NP-001 7.090 SSB Here all day in the shade


! SANPCPA 5NP001 7.090 SSB Here all day in the shade

Frequency: ‘7.090’ THis is the frequency in MEGAHERTZ
Mode: ‘SSB’ Operating mode, same as any spot.
Comments: ‘Here all day in the shade’ There is space for 60 characters of comment. Please no funky characters.


! WWFF VKFF-022 7.090 SSB Currently in Alfred National
! KRMNPA 3NP001 7.090 SSB Quick KRMNPA activation on way home
! SANPCPA 5NP-001 7.090 SSB

SOTA Spotting

SOTA spots will be passed through to SotaWatch.

You will need to be registered with Andy’s system as I am only forwarding the SOTA spots

Send email to Andy – with your name, number and callsign to be added to the authorised users list.

The format is – callsign association location frequency mode comments (

! VK3 VE203 7.090 Ssb cq

! – will match to the registered callsign.
VK3 – The association
VE203 – The summit ID (VE-203 also valid but harder on summit)
7.090 – Frequency in Mhz
mode – SSB,CW FM etc
comments – 60 chars for comments 



How to Get Auto-spotted Via RBNGate

Geoff vk8gg has built a gateway website that will convert your spot device position and track info and ports it to the APRS network

Nepal (9N) WFF Parks

Nepal (9N)Nepal’s National Parks

List of current Parks

9N-001=Khaptad (9NFF-001)
9N-002=Langtang (9NFF-002)
9N-003=Makalu-Barun (9NFF-003)
9N-004=Rara (9NFF-004)
9N-005=Royal Bardia (9NFF-005)
9N-006=Royal Chitwan (9NFF-006)
9N-007=Sagarmatha (9NFF-007)
9N-008=Shey-Phoksundo (9NFF-008)
9N-009=Shivapuri (9NFF-009)


Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award

The aim of this award is to encourage portable operation in Victoria’s 45 National Parks. A contact with/from a National Park earns 1 point. Contacts via Repeaters, IRLP or Echolink are not permitted. Details of the award can be found on the ARV web site.

Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award special activation weekend – Event date:  15/16th November 2014


  100 7152 100 7154 IMG 0232 P3160244 100 7185 100 7159

 IMG 0215

AlpineGrampiansNP 082013





VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award

VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award

April 2013 saw the launch of a new award the VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award.

It promotes portable operation in South Australia’s 21 National Parks and 262 Conservation Parks. Details as to parks –

Finally picked up enough unique entries to qualify for (belated Bronze) Silver Status,

Status 27072013





Each South Australian National Park shall qualify with 2 points. Each South Australian Conservation Park shall qualify with 1 point.

For Australian amateur radio operators / Australian short wave listeners, the Award will be issued in 5 levels as follows:

(a) Bronze A total of 10 points
(b) Silver A total of 20 points
(c) Gold A total of 35 points
(d) Platinum A total of 50 points
(e) Diamond A total of 70 points



VK3/VC-034 and VK3/VC-014

Activated VK3/VC-014 Mt Disappointment and VK3/VC-034 – Pretty Sally 3rd March 2013.

APRS Yes. Dipole Yes. Seasonal activation N/A

KRMNPA – Kinglake NP. 

APRS shows the relationship between these two summits. 

VK3/VC-034 was activated on the way home. You can also see where I missed the turn on the way to VK3/VC-014 and wasted 20min.

APRS 001

VK3/VC-014 Mt Disappointment 

VK3PF suggested following Mt Disappointment Rd. Can drive to activation zone but VK3ZPF put me onto Blairs Hut and the ‘Summit track’. 

The track is overgrown but still easy to follow. Actually on a hot day there would be a lot of protection form the sun. Tho other option is to drive up and go bush through the scrub . Personally think better to part at Blairs hut and take track. there are tables, BBQ pits and toilets. 

100 7227

100 7229




















GPS log. Limits to the resolution here as base map is 1:250K in MACGPSPro. The GPS is a eTrex Legend with open source maps transferred via GPSMapper.  In SOTA activation zone and in KingLake NP by a good metre !

Map 001

KRMNPA – Kinglake NP

KingLake NP is just off the summit. Follow ‘Summit track’ up. Good walk. Sign says 1.2Km but GPS measured 800m to summit. Once on top go past the summit and through the fence into Kinglake National Park. 

100 7226

Setup the squid pole on one of the posts 1m in the park. Exposed position. Low noise but a quite day. The majority of contacts were S2S,


VK3/VC-034 – Pretty Sally

PArked car off the road on Beauview Drive and walked down road looking for a shady spot to setup. The summit is on private land but the road measures in at 509m for the 525m summit. Setup dipole along the fence line. No real response from Melbourne other that VK3MRG at Flinders Peak. Good signals into VK2 and VK1. Not the best spot as setup between road and fence. get contacts and go home.

100 7230


Overall a good day out.





Activated VK3/VT-006 (Mt Saint Phillack)1st February 2013.

APRS Limited. Dipole Yes. Seasonal activation Yes

This is a candidate for activation during winter. 8K return walking on good tracks. Just stay on walking tracks and don’t go missing tracks.

5hrs via M1 to Mt Baw Baw from home. The time is in the curves towards the end. Consider ‘South face’ road from Moe via Erica.

Drive in and park in car park near the resort information and administrative office. Follow Candle Heath Drive to the track start. The walking tracks are not as well marked as well as could be. They are of high quality and it is a ski resort after all.  Had a chat to a park man there and got good directions.  I missed the turn and went down Beach track for a while. It felt wrong so tuned back and found track head. You are looking for Muellers track which starts just behind Maltese Cross T-bar. Follow the yellow triangles and stay on the walking track. There are several ski runs that adds to the confusion but keep following the walking track. Its a good walk.


KRMNPA – Baw Baw NP. The Baw Baw Village ski resort is outside the National Park. You cross into the NP as Mt Saint Phillack is in the park. Keep walking only half way there.


Summit is signed. Nice clearing. Setup antenna using the rocks. Cold and wet but not a issue. This was the launch of VK1. I was late so missed the initial frenzy but still obtained 12 contacts including 4 summit to summit in 45 minutes. 

VT 006

Had an interesting puzzle on site. When I got to the top the GPS was telling me the summit was another 227 m away. Went and had a look and there was no mountain hiding in the trees. Measured the height at 1582m. The sign states 1558m and SOTA database records the height as 1565m.  Ok within 25m but there WAS STILL SOMETHING WRONG. Worked it out. I had purchased a walking map and scanned it into MacGPS pro for planning. This map was based on Aus66 datum and the SOTA entries and my base maps are GDA94. Placed the waypoints on this map then this data was uploaded into GPS. The GPS uses WGS84. The difference between WGS84 and GDA94 is negligible and has not given me issues in the past. The difference between AUS66/84 and GDA94 is approx 200m and well known. ( You can see the difference on this map. Have been aware of these differences in the past but ensuring the activation is in the ‘SOTA zone’ has lead to closer verification of positions.  You can see the waypoints are off the track and all different to the recorded track log. Wont be using AUS66 based maps again. Pity as the walking maps are very well suited to task and cleared up confusion when the ski runs were annoying me. Just more fun to the process. 

Screen shot 2013 02 02 at 10 00 00 PM

Decided not to activate VT-010 Talbot Peak. Already was an hour behind and didn’t want another late run home. Will come up in the seasonal period from the Erica car park.