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Proposed 2019

VK7 September 2019

Off to VK7 in Septermber.

Its not a SOTA trip but will be able to get some activations  including;

 * VK7/SC-001
 * VK7/SC-045
 * VK7/SC-027
 * VK7/CH-039 in VKFF-0117
 * VK7/WC-013 in VKFF-0347



Post winter.


Proposed – VK3/VW-008 & VK3/VW-010

Update – 012017.

Access restrictions to Mt Difficult (Mt Gar) have been lifted,



The walking track has reopened with modifications. Start from Beehive Falls car park instead of Troopers creek campground (which has closed).  

All walkers must lodge a trip intention form at Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre, Halls Gap.


VK3/VW-008 Mt Difficult

Start: Troopers Creek Campground    Time: Approx. 4-5 hrs return
Distance: 8.8 km return    Grade: Hard (elevation: 470m)

Troopers Creek Campground is located along Roses Gap Road. A hard climb. Continue beyond Tilwinda Falls to the base of cliff overhangs and then weaves through weathered rock formations and boulders to the summit – the highest point in the Northern Grampians. Return via the same route.

Access – WildSight


(March 22nd 2016)  Walking track status

Grampians National Park Update

(29th May 2015) Road Closures

Troopers Creek Campground still closed


Walking Tracks

Grampians Peaks Trail – Master Plan



Proposed – VK3/VT050, VK3/VT078 & VK3/VT059

Proposed Activation of North Hells Gate VK3/VT050, Gentle Annie VK3/VT078, South Hells Gate VK3/VT059


All the blogs (VK3ZPF VK3YY VK3WAM) describe a big day.

Given Proposch Rd is accessible with a 2WD vehicle during dry condition and is subject to seasonal closures, will leave this trip for Spring.

Map28 RoadsBunyip

Road Closures in Bunyip State Park

VC – Victoria – Central Region Summits

The Yarra Ranges National Park is a 76,003-hectare national park that is located in Victoria, Australia, approximately 92 kilometres east of Melbourne. There are several SOTA (VC Region) summits in this area. Within the national park, the southern slopes of the Yarra Ranges form the headwaters of the Yarra River and several water catchments for Melbourne’s domestic water supply. Access to large parts of the area is restricted. Bushwalking is restricted to approved recreational sites and trails.

SOTA summits within the catchment area that are accessible on track:

SOTA summits that are in National park so accessible but not on track:

SOTA summits within catchment areas that are not on track and so not accessible without permission:

Restricted Access

Public access is restricted in the catchment to protect water supply quality. Given the catchment status there is a need to ensure permission is gained for an activation in this area as not bring discredit to SOTA. SOTA’s stated aims is to encourage outdoor activities. SOTA’s values are consistent with protecting the environment with minimum impact and keeping the protection of resource paramount thus ensuring minimal interference to natural environment.

VK3/VC-004 Mt Observation

Lat:-37.5679   Long:145.8472
Height:1201m   Cords:55 H 398177 5841501

Mt Observation is over 900m off-track in an area under the the water catchment zone, between Cumberland Scenic Reserve and the Yarra State Forest.



To quote Wayne (VK3WAM) the VK3 Association Manager “Any activations of this summit will require proof of the right or concession to be present in the activation zone. This would ordinarily be a permit from Melbourne Water. A copy of this documentation would need to be provided to myself as the Association Manager of VK3. In event of a person activating the summit without the appropriate documentation, then firstly, the activator would have acted in such a way to bring the SOTA program into disrepute. Secondly, the SOTA MT will be requested to delete any QSOs recorded by either activators or chasers for the summit, and consider any further action concerning the activator.

Behind Heasville Summary

Bush walking is allowed in this area as long as you use the defined tracks. Both of these summits have walking tracks that pass within 150m of the summits. In order for a valid activation you are required to operate within the ‘Activation Zone’. The ‘Activation Zone’  is a unbroken area within 25 vertical meters of the summit. The tracks are not within the activation zone. The track past Box’s Hill is very close. My Garmin maps indicate the track to be at 500m so only 1m short of vertical height. This is something I would like to verify. The track past Riddell Ridge has been measured to be 797m high so 29m short of being within the activation zone. As the summits are off the track, an activation would not qualify unless lawful access is gained.
Permission to walk off the defined tracks is required to ensure valid activation.


VK3/VC-010 Riddell Ridge

Lat:-37.6751   Long:145.5882
Height:845m   Cords:55H 375482 5829294
To qualify Riddell Ridge you would need to gain 29m of height by walking a maximum of 140m off track.
There is a defined track along Road Two from Mt Riddell Rd to Mt Riddle summit. Mt Riddell is not the target as Riddell Ridge (845m) is higher then Mt Riddell (800m) so thus the SOTA peak. Whilst Mt Riddell has access, Riddell Ridge does not have track access. Access will be gained by travelling down Road Two for 6.4Km, past the track to Mt Riddell until reaching defined point (55 H 375307 5829477 797m) on the road to turn and walking up to 140m off track until reaching a height greater then 820m as then in the activation zone (25m vertically of the summits peak).
In order to ensure within the activation zone you are require to walk 140m off track gaining 45m of height for Riddell Ridge.
Road Two to Riddell Ridge

VK3/VC-036 Box’s Hill

Lat:>-37.6488   Long:>145.5847/td>
Height:525m   Cords:55H 375113 5832225
To qualify Box’s Hill you would need to gain 10m of height by walking a maximum of 100m off-track.
Access will be gained by walking down Road Five then Road Tfy Five for 1.9km then walking 100m off track until reached height greater than 520m to ensure in the activation zone (25m of the summit).
In order to ensure within the activation zone you are require to walk at least 100m gaining 20m of height for Box’s Hill.
Road Fty Five to Boxs Hill

The likely hood of obtaining permission from Melbourne Water is basically 0. I have approached both Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water seeking access. Parks Victoria are willing to listen and even supportive but Melbourne Water appears to have a ‘Deny All’ policy. This is disappointing given the charter to encourage recreational activities and the ability of companies to gain permission to log areas within the catchment.  I think a couple of experienced walkers would have less impact then the process of ripping the trees out.

VK3/VC-035 Smiths Hill

Lat:-37.6802   Long:145.7580
Height:1069m   Cords:55 H 390572 5828833
The summit of VK3/VC-035 Smiths Hill is in ‘O’Shannassy River Natural Catchment Area. The summit is broad and the activation zone is in a part of the Yarra Ranges National Park defined as ‘Conversation and Recreation’. (Page 66, Figure 3 in Yarra Ranges National Park Management Plan). The roads /tracks that you would use for access are all restricted.  Getting to the activation zone is the issue. The Forest Explorer maps show the access issues here.


Road 14 is the boundary of ‘Cement Creek’ Catchment zone so entry prohibited. Access is permitted down Road 15.

There is a gate just off junction with Road 15 along Road 10.

SmithHill Detaill

The map above shows Road 10 weaving through the ‘O’Shannassy River Natural Catchment Area’.  You cannot use Road 10 to gain access to the activation zone. There will be off track walking involved here.



This is the view from the gate on Road Ten looking towards Smiths Hill. Whilst the gate was open you can not walk down the road as Road 10 weaves through the ‘O’Shannassy River Natural Catchment Area’. You can see the level of vegetation involved. Walking off track will not be a trial task and would be reckless to attempt in winter.
This summit is not going to give the points easily.


Seasonal road closures apply to this park.:

08032015 – Proposed Long Weekend Activations

VK Autumn SOTA Party on the weekend Saturday/Sunday 7 and 8 March 2015.

This is a Long weekend for VK3 so planning to take advantage of milder weather to hike into the bush and activate remote SOTA summits  in Viking Wilderness Area.

VK3BYD Warren and VK3HRA Allen

06032015 00:00 – VK3/VE-103 (VK3/VE-103)
06032015 07:00 – Mt Speculation (VK3/VE-022)
06032015 23:00 – Mt Despair (VK3/VE-043)
07032015 06:00 – The Razor (VK3/VE-044)
07032015 23:00 – The Viking (VK3/VE-037)
08032015 07:00 – Mt Speculation (VK3/VE-022)
09032015 04:00 – Mt Cobbler (VK3/VE-027)

All summits qualifiy for KRMNPA in Alpine NP WWFF ID – VKFF-619

Other known Activity – VK1NAM


Overview Map

The spots have been posted as VK3BYD for 7.032-cw.

We intend to come up on CW first (7.0320) to take advantage of Andrews (VK3JBL) skimmer for spots.

SSB contacts fill follow from 7.090 going up 5khz according to availability.

Looking for S2S and evening DX opportunities.

40m @  7.032-CW & 7.090-SSB
20m @ 14.062-CW & 14.310-SSB.
10m @ 28.450-SSB
 2m @ 146.500-FM 

Current Timings; 

OverView Times

Can’t rely on APRS or having Telco coverage so will carry Spot device for safety.The SPOT device should relay to APRS via -> VK3HRA APRS

Grampians National Park


KRMNPA – Grampians National Park



There were fires Jan 2014 in this area. 



Still road closures;


Over Night Tracks

Open Roads 

All Roads

To Do;

Grampians 11012015

Mt Difficult Range

Access Denied. TBA



Fire 012015. TBA



VK3/VW-012 – VK3/VW-012

VK3/VW-020 – Mt Zero

VK3/VW-021 – Mt Dryden

VK3/VW-014 – Black Range





Proposed Nov 2014

14th – 17th November – KRMNPA weekend

15th November is proposed SOTA Mass activation day.

Intend to camp in the Alpine National Intend on the weekend of 15th November 2014 with Rod VK2TWR.


The Cobberas area is in the East Alps Unit of the Alpine National Park, which is in the remote north-east of Victoria adjacent to the Snowy River National Park. The Cobberas Range itself is just south of the NSW border.


This this the furthest I have travelled for SOTA. Will be travelling up Friday the14th picking up National parks on the way and again working through parks on the return trip Monday 17th.

KRMNPA National parks;

Snowy River NP
Mitchell River NP
Morwell NP
Tarra-Bulga NP

SOTA Summits;

Mt Cobberas Number 1
Mt Cobberas Number 2
Rams Head Range
Blue Hill


Saturday 15 November 2014 as the VK SOTA Party mass activation day.

My maps show a track to Mt Cobberas Number 1 summit. It appears this track will be marked.

Plan to be on that one before sunset on Saturday for the DX effort as will have a track to walk back down in dark on.


Camp at Native Dog Flat – Latitude: -36°53’47.4″ Longitude: 148°5’22.2”. The camp includes a toilet, water from the Buchan River and plenty of open space.




VK3 Show and Tell Day


Intent to see the equipment used in SOTA its natural environment.

Meet at Kendall’s B (aka the Boys Camp) 9am start Sunday 28th September

Simplex 146.500 FM





Current list of Activations,

Saturday 27/09

Mt Wombat VK3KS

Mt Winstanley VK3HRA


Sunday 28/09

Mt Torbreck VK3YY &  VK3JBL (23cm)

Bill Head VK3HRA,VK3IL

Pyramid Hill VK3IL

Procter VN-019 VK3BYD

Mt Strickland – 23cm VK3JBL


Kendalls Camping and Day Visitor Areas


National Parks

Lake Elidon

Yarra Ranges


There are several in the area. Different levels of access but all requiring hiking. 1K to 5Km each way on tracks.

Snobs Creek Rd – Rubicon State forest VIC.

  • Mt Torbreck
  • Mt Bullfight
  • Pyramid Hill
  • Bill Head
ViewIn 001
 Summits available on Maroondah Highway

Additional Summits

Snobs Creek


Screen Shot 2014 08 31 at 11 24 49 am   

Road Closures

RoadClosures 082014


Proposed 2014

Proposed 2014 

Proposed 18022014

First Cut. The grouping is based on either previous activations or other activators successful ventures.

112013 – Australian Alps Walking Track

Have taken from the 1st to the 4th of November off which including the public holiday for Cup Day on the 5th, gives 5 days off. Enough time for a multiple overnight trip exploiting the Alps Walking track before summer weather.

Will be leave home on the 1st and back home on the 4th of November 2013.

Alps Map4 Overview

Day One – Friday 1st November

Drive down to Melbourne then across taking the Princes Freeway to Traralgon. Head up inland to Licola turning right just before the bridge and heading up the Tamboritha Road. Take the left fork at the Junction then keep going until reach the Howitt Rd car park, which may take a little while as it’s not the best bit of gravel in the country and hope to pickup one summit on the way.

Access via Howitt Rd and Tamboritha Rd then Moroka Rd finally walking up to MacAlister Springs camping ground at base of Mt Howitt.

01112013 Map

  • VT-004 Pryces Plain

Will setup up the car to repeat APRS packets and leave at Howitt Plains camping ground. – UTM 55 H 5881423mN 472707mE Altitude1587.01m.  It is 6 km to Mt Howitt and has pit toilets, shelter and tank water. Then walk the 5Km up to Gantner Hut camping area or MacAlister Springs. This site has  toilets and water. The intend is to setup tent here to act as a base for the next two days.

Day Two – Saturday 2nd November

Mt Howitt to Mt Lovick Number of Stops: 3 Total Distance: 14.4 km

Mt Howitt to Mt Howitt total Distance: 27.0 km

  • VE-020 Mt Lovick
  • VE-016 King Billy No1
  • VE-012 Mt Marjorie

Then return to Mt Howitt for evening activation. Then back to base at MacAlister Springs. The plan is to trek out and activate on the return trip. If the terrain or weather is harsher than expected to reasonable then will drop Mt Lovick and only go as far as King Billy 1.

02112013 Map

02112013 Height

Day Three – Sunday 3rd November

MacCallister Springs to MacCallister Springs Total Distance: 24.6 km.

  • VE-043 Mt Despair
  • VE-022 Mt Speculation

Returning to Mt Howitt for evening activation. Then back to base at MacAlister Springs.

This is going to be a decent trip. 24Km return so will take all day.

03112013 Map

03112013 Height

Day Four – Monday 04th November

Drive home returning to Licola via Tamboritha Road picking up a summit on the way

  • VT-011 Mt Tambortitha
  • VT-002 Mt Reynard


Parks Victoria Fact sheets

Howitt, Snowy Range and Tali-Karng Wabonga Plateau, Mount Cobbler and Powers Lookout Map 04

Allens Maps

Overview –  Overview-Map.pdf

Day One – 01112013-Map.pdf

Day Two – 02112013-Map.pdf

Day Three – 03112013-Map.pdf


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”