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Summits To Do List

Current Plans:

VK3/VT-013 (Mt Selma) and VK3/VT-016 (Mt Useful)

VK3/VT-005 (Trapyard Hill) and VK3/VT-012 (Cromwell Knob)

VK3/VT-002 (Mt Reynard) ,VK3/VT-031 (Mt Margaret) and VK3/VT-032

VK3/VT-003 (Picture Point Range) and VK3/VT-007 (Wellington Plateau)

VK3/VS-018 (Point 756 / Pyrenees) and VK3/VS-023 (Point 726/Victoria Range)


Summits to do list,

VK3/VT-022 (Conners Plain)

VK3/VC-016 (Mt Beenak) and VK3/VT-040 (Spion Kopje)

VK3/VN-027 (Mt Gordon) and VK3/VN-013 (Mt Despair)

VK3/VE-221 and VK3/VE-137 – (Bald Hill)

VK3/VE-134 – (Mt Terrible Spur)

VK3/VG-001 (Mt Cope)

VK3/VE-004 (Mt Nelse)

TBA – VK3/VS-023 & VK3/VS-024

VK3/VS-023 (Point 726) and VK3/VS-024 South Victoria Range

This is where the fires went through so most will be clear.

Access from Glenelg River Rd. Park car at Chimney Pots car park and track across to Point 726. This is where the fires were during summer so access would be easier as the middle scrub gone just dress to get dirty.  2.7K with 300m.

PlanB point726

Victoria Range Grampians NP

Victoria Range is in the Grampians National Park.

Hour and half + roo time from home.

There are summits of value there. It was a no-go zone due to the fire that was there summer 2012. See activation of VS-025 & VS-021

Screen Shot 2013 07 20 at 9 29 08 AM

Rock climbing will be involved so wont be doing in wet. Break this into at least two trips as access from North is challanging.

Mid August – VK3/VS-005 – (Chimney Pots) & VK3/VS-023 (Point 726)

Screen Shot 2013 07 20 at 11 25 25 AM

Access from Glenelg River Rd. Track to lookout on way to Chimney Pots. Car park off Glenelg Rv Rd then up from the south. 3Km 

Screen Shot 2013 07 20 at 11 32 28 AM

Access to Point 726 from Harrop track. Using tracks to avoid the thick scrub experienced earlier. This is where the fires were during summer so access would be easier as the middle scrub gone just dress to get dirty. May come straight across if the scrub is clear enough.


Screen Shot 2013 07 20 at 12 54 45 PM

Access to South Victoria Range from Harrop track. Another 8Ks so not sure if will be three in one day.

Screen Shot 2013 07 20 at 12 52 59 PM


VK3/VS-006 (Mt Thackeray) +

Screen Shot 2013 07 20 at 11 58 26 AM

Victoria Range Rd is closed and 4WD from North. Have talk to people who mountain bike along here is it is steep.

Apparently access from front is possible. 

Screen Shot 2013 07 20 at 12 24 18 PM

hmm more work needed for a plan. Really need access to Victoria Range Road.

28072013 – VK3/VE-073 and VK3/VE-123

VK3/VE-073 Mt Timbertop and VK3/VE-123 VK3/VE-123

3:30hrs to Mansfield.

Overview 002

30 minutes towards Mt Buller. Turn into Howqua Track off Mt Buller Road.



1.3 km from track to summit. Its all uphill, 300m over 1.2km.


Elevation 001

Down then 3 km across to VE-123. 200m over 3km with a steep finish.

ToVE 123

Elevation 002

TBA – VK3/VN-027 (Mt Gordon)

VK3/VN-027 (Mt Gordon).

Looks like a good one to keep for a pickup on the way home.

Access from C512.

Screen Shot 2013 07 21 at 6 59 12 PM

VK3/VE-014 and VK3/VE-019

Proposed activation of 

VK3/VE-014 The Horn and VK3/VE-019 The Hump during bonus period 07072013.

Mount Buffalo National Park is about 320 km north-east of Melbourne via the Hume Freeway and Great Alpine Road. Allow about four hours drive time.

Approach the park by the winding but sealed entrance road from Porepunkah, near Bright. 

This resort is open for ‘snow play’ and promotes walking tracks. Mt Buffalo rd is open all year to Cresta Valley.

Cresta Valley

The distances are not far but the environment will be harsh. There are formal walking tracks to the desired summits,

VE 014 and VE 019


The Horn Track
1.5 km / 45 mins return

No bushwalking experience required, formed track with some obstacles, short steep hills and many steps. Clearly sign posted.
This track starts at The Horn Picnic Area, 2km from Cresta Valley along a well maintained dirt road. The Horn (1723m) is the highest point on the Mount Buffalo plateau and provides a 360° view of the plateau and the surrounding alps.



Cathedral – Hump Track

2 km / 45 mins return

No bushwalking experience required. Rough, very steep track with many obstacles, and many steps. Clearly sign posted.
Starting at the Cathedral Picnic Area, this track leads past the spectacular granite tor of the Cathedral and on to the summit of the Hump (1695m) for fine views of the Mount Buffalo plateau, Cresta Valley and the Horn.

It appears Mt Buffalo road is open through the season to allow access to Cresta Valley. The rules for carrying chains have changed but may be best to carry if 2WD or locate a 4WD. Parking at Cresta Valley is suitable as both summits are available. There are toilets also available so quite civil.


Road Closures

12072013 – VK3/VN-001

Proposed activation of 

VK3/VN-001 Mt Torbreck

Previous Activation – 05/Aug/2012

During bonus period. 

Garmin Topo Maps view.

VN 001

25092013 – VK3/VT-026

Proposed Activation of VT-026 – Mt Toorongo Range

25092013. During Bonus period.

VT 026

VK3/VE-005 and VK3/VE-006

Proposed activation of 

VK3/VE-005 Mt Loch and VK3/VE-006 Mt Hotham during bonus period 

Tuesday 09072013.

Activation with David VK3IL.

VE-006 Mt Hotham before UTC then walk out to VE-005 Mt Loch 

VE 005 and VE 006

13072013 – VK3/VC-001

Proposed activation of VK3/VC-001 Mt Matlock 13072013. During bonus period. 

From VK3WAM blog, there is 4WD access to this summit, park 2WD on the Warburton Woods Point Rd @ 1200m altitude, about 1.5km from the summit.

VK3/VC-001 Mt Matlock

VC 001