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01012017 – VK3/VS-027

01012017 – VK3/VS-027 (Ben More) 

Decided to go to a local summit for the new year activations. Given UTC is at a civil time here and the high number of proposed activations it will be a great opportunity to chase Summit to Summit contacts (S2S). 

Access is via a public road reservation that makes its way to the Ben More Bushland Reserve. Along the way, the road goes through several gates, one with a “Private – No Entry” sign, however the road reserve is public land. This is a popular site for hand gliders and I meet a couple coming down from the summit as I was heading up. They had decided to to launch due to the poor weather but confirmed the road condition and status. It is a rough track. There are no fences defining the boundaries until you hit the park. The summit is on private property. Watch out for livestock. The final climb into the reserve is steep. Subie handled it with no issues but would not be planning to go there if wetter.


Dark blue show the track taken whilst the purple lines show the road reserves.  Don’t deviate from the road leaving the gates in the state you found them.

Being able to drive to the summit ensured I arrived on time, in fact early as expected a walk.  Setup using 20/40 trapped dipole using the emergency marker; 


Proceeded to work all I could find too finish up with 26 S2S contacts for 146 points. There were no hand gliders but eagles. Managed to get photo of one;


Good clear summit. Access is ensured but not 2WD track.