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21012017 – VK3/VW-008


21012017 – VK3/VW-008 (Mount Gar / Difficult) in VKFF-0213 Grampians NP.

I had been waiting to activate this summit for a while now. Access had been restricted due to fires and floods. There are still parts of the Grampians closed so checkout access before you head off.

Access to this summit is via the Mt Difficult overnight walking track. Start from either the Beehive Falls carpark or Troopers Creek. Access via Troopers Creek was still closed so I took the longer path via Behive Falls. Anything to secure a first activation.


So knowing access is open I headed off. Simply drive down M8 freeway to Roses Gap Road. Turn left onto Roses Gap Road and follow it to the Beehive Falls carpark on your left just beyond Mt Zero Road. Got the pack on and started walking down the track. The tracks are in great condition. Navigation is straight forward. The first 1.4Km to Beehive Falls is shady and pleasant.


There was water in the falls on my visit. Actually the Grampians were in great shape following the recent rain. Only you have checked out the falls you head off and up the rock cliffs. The track markers have been replaced so its a case of follow the yellow arrows. A couple of spots where you need to be careful then you get to the top. Whilst it did get to 32 the Grampians were in fine form. Slight wind and green. You can see the fire damage. Stayed on the track and kept walking. Took me 2.5hrs to walk the 7+ k each way. 


There are even maps on the way to verify position. Most of the walk is across open rock plains. It would be challenging in the heat. Access to the summit is another rock scramble and I setup just off the peak where there was a tree for cover. Used end fed and KX3.


Views from the summit to Wartook Reservoir. First contact was with VK3ARR on VK3VN-023 and the final with VK2BJP/3 on VK3/VE-167.

Intended to activate South Mt Difficult Range accres from Chinamans Road / Carters Track. Access still restricted and I had enough of walking for one day.

Its a good clean walk but still 7Km each way. Would recommend access via Troopers Creek campsite (when open) be investigated instead. 

A lot of effort for 4 points but in this case a first activation in great conditions and views..

Proposed – VK3/VW-008 & VK3/VW-010

Update – 012017.

Access restrictions to Mt Difficult (Mt Gar) have been lifted,



The walking track has reopened with modifications. Start from Beehive Falls car park instead of Troopers creek campground (which has closed).  

All walkers must lodge a trip intention form at Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre, Halls Gap.


VK3/VW-008 Mt Difficult

Start: Troopers Creek Campground    Time: Approx. 4-5 hrs return
Distance: 8.8 km return    Grade: Hard (elevation: 470m)

Troopers Creek Campground is located along Roses Gap Road. A hard climb. Continue beyond Tilwinda Falls to the base of cliff overhangs and then weaves through weathered rock formations and boulders to the summit – the highest point in the Northern Grampians. Return via the same route.

Access – WildSight


(March 22nd 2016)  Walking track status

Grampians National Park Update

(29th May 2015) Road Closures

Troopers Creek Campground still closed


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Grampians Peaks Trail – Master Plan